VerIDial is accredited with both Cyber Essentials and IASME

The Liquid11 group of companies is proud of its reputation for handling customer data with the highest levels of privacy and security. In order to continue to assure both customers and suppliers that this level of service is being maintained and demonstrate our commitment to both data and IT security, the Liquid11 Group of companies has achieved both Cyber Essentials and IASME accreditation.

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The Cyber Essentials Scheme [1] is a UK Government scheme that covers basic information management, security policy and network security. There are five main areas covered in Cyber Essentials; Internet firewalls and gateways, Secure configuration, Access Control, Malware protection and Patch management. These five are considered the areas at highest risk of cyber-attack based on industry analysis. Cyber Essentials is mandatory for all Central Government contracts advertised from 1 October 2014 onwards that feature personal information and/or provision of IT products and services [2]. Cyber Essentials is also mandatory for all similar UK MOD contracts advertised from 1st January 2016 [3]. It is expected that the NHS and other public sector bodies will follow suit over time.

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The IASME [4] is a standard developed by a Technology Strategy Board project in order to create a realistic and achievable security standard for small and medium companies. IASME is based on ISO 27001 (The international gold standard for large enterprises) and covers much of the same areas such as Risk management, Security policy, Asset management, Access controls, Employee screening, Incident management, Business continuity, Regulatory compliance as well as Technical security (networks and computers).

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  1. Cyber Essentials Webite
  2. Cabinet Office, Procurement Policy Note – Use of Cyber Essentials Scheme certification
  3. MOD Industry Security Notice, MOD Implementation of Cyber Essentials Scheme
  4. IASME Website