VerIDial Software Development Kit release for .NET framework

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To accelerate development time and avoid inaccuracies when integrating VerIDial with .NET based websites and applications, we have released a free Software Development Kit for the .NET framework.

The SDK provides a single class to access the VerIDial REST API with methods for most common commands that act as an interface between the REST API using JSON and the application code that works with objects and properties.

How to use the VerIDial SDK

  1. Start by downloading the VerIDial SDK from the NuGet package manager built into Visual Studio. This will install the package in your solution and add a reference to the library
  2. Then, simply create a VerIDial API object, setting the installation ID and API key to your credentials and call your preferred verification method to start the process

View and download the VerIDial C# SDK package from NuGet

To see a demonstration of how to use the SDK to protect a website, view code examples of the VerIDial C# SDK on GitHub

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