Integration with Magento: new VerIDial two factor authentication extension for enhanced e-commerce security

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Great news for Magento website owners and developers, two factor authentication can now be integrated into your e-commerce websites with our free two factor authentication extension for Magento.

Plug-and-play, the VerIDial 2FA extension for Magento is simple and fast to integrate, providing an enhanced layer of security on your store to protect both store admins and website users.

No expensive hardware tokens are required for VerIDial to work on your store, methods of verification can be via voice, SMS or app. Integrating VerIDial will also help you to meet PCI DSS requirements, as two factor authentication is now a mandatory part of your PCI Compliance.

The VerIDial two factor authentication extension for Magento is available to download directly from Magento Connect

For help integrating the extension into your store, please read our Magento Integration Guide or contact us.

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