VerIDial Extension for Magento

World Leading ecommerce platform Magento is used by companies of all sizes to sell their products online.

We've developed a VerIDial two factor authentication extension for Magento that you can add easily to your Magento installations to enable VerIDial Two Factor Authentication across your sites and applications. Adding the extension for Magento delivers enhanced security for you and your customers, protecting against potential data breaches and fraud.

VerIDial can be enabled for both administrator and/or customer login attempts and controlled securely from one location.

The VerIDial extension for Magento is simple and hassle free to integrate, adding a robust additional layer of security, independent to the typical single-factor username and password to instantly enhance the security of your Magento store.

The extension for Magento automatically adds additional fields not included as standard in the Magento installation to enhance login security.

  • Fast, secure and easy-to-use authentication process, convenient for users and cost-effective for your business
  • Quick hassle free integration with your existing Magento installation
  • Protects your Magento websites and applications from potential data loss
  • Uses existing landline and mobile telephone devices
  • No expensive hardware tokens required

If you're a PCI Level 3 or above company two factor authentication is now a mandatory part of your PCI Compliance. Reduce risk, ensure compliance and avoid expensive fines with the VerIDial extension for Magento to help meet PCI 3.0 requirements.

Go directly to the Magento Connect website to get the extension on your store. Downloaded the extension? Read the installation guide.

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