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VerIDial Magento Installation Document

Version 1.0 (6th January 2016)


VerIDial provides websites with an added level of security to help prevent fraud and combat identity theft as well as protect against possible data loss.

In addition to the normal authentication process typically requiring a username and password (a single factor), the user has to provide a further physical proof to confirm their identity. The combination of two different methods is known as two or multi factor Authentication (2FA for short).

VerIDial provides two factor authentication utilising mobile and landline telephones. A one-time PIN is sent to a phone to be entered into the website being protected. This proves the person being authenticated is in possession of the phone the PIN was sent to, at the time the PIN was sent.

It is important to give your customers a range of secure methods they can use to access their PIN. VerIDial supports the following three PIN validation methods and in doing so offers convenient user authentication that is both secure and cost-effective.
Magento admins can offer all validation methods or restrict their users to their preferred method.


A phone call is placed to either a mobile or landline phone. The PIN is played via automated voice down the line to the user.
This single method is extremely secure and provides 99% of the population an accessible validation method.


This method works on all mobile phones. An SMS message is sent to the handset in real-time, the PIN is visible in the message. This method requires the user to have a connected mobile device and to have a reasonable mobile signal at the time the code is sent.
This is an easy to understand method that many users are familiar with.

Smartphone App (iOS & Android)

A secure push notification is sent to the app delivering the PIN. When the notification is opened the app is launched and the PIN number is revealed. The app has limited branding options available which can be set by the organisation sending the PIN number.
This method is very cost effective and recommended for high volume, repeat login websites. It is a fast and convenient way to send the PIN.

Smartphone app Installation

We have a mobile app available for both Android and iOS to make the authentication process easier for your customers.


The VerIDial app must be pre-installed on the smartphone.
You can download and install our app completely free from Google Play or the App Store.

Initial Setup

Following installation, when you open the app for the first time you’ll be required to input your telephone number to receive a one-time PIN. This is used to register your telephone number with the VerIDial app. After this step the app no longer requires any user input and your PIN codes will be sent securely to your app.

Installation Instructions

To install the VerIDial Magento extension you must follow the steps below. Please note – before installing the extension, ensure that Compilation is disabled.

Step 1

Using the Magento Connect Manager you can install our extension using the extension key given to you by Magento Connect, or by uploading the .tgz file if supplied.

Alternatively you can unzip the .tgz file and copy & paste the contents directly into your Magento root folder.

Step 2

After successfully installing the extension you must refresh your Magento cache and then log out and back in again (this will prevent a 404 error occurring when trying to access the VerIDial configuration settings).

  1. To clear the cache properly please ensure you delete the contents within /var/cache, not doing so may cause issues with the table schemas not updating.
  2. The best method to ensure everything will work correctly is to log out, remove /var/cache contents and log back in to your Magento admin.

Step 3

Access System -> Configuration -> Liquid11 -> Veridial to change your settings;

  1. Enable VerIDial is an immediate on/off site-wide
  2. You have individual settings to enable / disable VerIDial for admin and/or customers only
  3. Your Installation ID will be provided when your VerIDial account has been set up*
  4. You API Key will be provided via Email when your VerIDial account has been set up*
  5. Billing Day is only used as an optional reference for the Magento admin and is obtainable by logging into your VerIDial account
  6. Method of Verification allows the Magento admin to control what methods are available on the frontend for Customers and/or Admins to use
    • There are additional checks in place that will disable the SMS, voice & app options on the frontend if the user doesn’t have valid phone numbers stored in their account.

*If you haven’t received these details then please contact VerIDial customer support

App Branding

If you are using the app to authenticate your users, it is possible to perform some limited styling to reflect your website or company brand. On the verification page the background and text colour can be changed and a small logo can be uploaded.

VerIDial iOS app

The colours should be given as hexadecimal or decimal RGB values.

The logo should be in PNG format and a maximum of 445 pixels wide by 100 pixels high (the aspect ratio will be maintained). We recommend placing the logo centrally into a canvas of this size and colouring the background to match your preferred background colour.)

These should be given to your account manager to apply to your account.

Customising frontend pages

It is possible to customise the VerIDial frontend pages. To do this you must make a copy of the files found in app/design/frontend/base/default/template/liquid11 and place these within your own theme folder.
For example: app/design/frontend/yourtheme/yourdesign/template/liquid11

Any adjustments made to the default VerIDial files will be overwritten when a VerIDial update and/or new version is installed.

Please note: any errors or problems caused by overwriting, editing or extending the VerIDial default files will not be covered by our support team.

Terms & Conditions

VerIDial hold no responsibility over edited code or extension conflicts.

Should you have any issues, faults or errors upon editing, extending or overwriting our code our technical support team will be able to help, however this will incur costs to your company.

If you have any questions or problems with the VerIDial extension for Magento, please get in touch.