Integrate with your website using our API or plugins

There are two ways to integrate VerIDial and implement two factor authentication on your website. The first is to use a pre-built package, such as the provided iframe plugin or Magento extension; the second is to use our REST API directly. In both cases the API will be used to authenticate your user account and initiate a request as well as to double check the results.


An iframe is an HTML document embedded in a page on your website. This iframe will hold content from VerIDial and verify the PIN automatically. Based on the response VerIDial will either direct the user to a success page, or to an error page. The iframe supports limited customisation in order to mimic your website branding and give a seamless experience to your end user. See the VerIDial API documentation for more information.


Your website or application communicates directly with VerIDial using our REST API. This gives you greater freedom to control how VerIDial interacts with your users. You are then free to implement how, when and what information you require. See the VerIDial API documentation for more information.


Our VerIDial service is available as an extension for Magento Ecommerce providing an extra layer of security for your Admins and Customers. Not only that, if you're a PCI Level 3 or above company then Two Factor Authentication is now a mandatory part of your PCI Compliance. Find out more information.