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Two Factor Authentication

In addition to the normal authentication process typically requiring a username and password (a single factor), the user has to provide a further physical proof to confirm their identity. The combination of two different methods is known as two or multi factor Authentication (2FA for short).

VerIDial provides two factor authentication by utilising mobile phones and landlines. A one-time PIN is sent to a phone to be entered into the website being protected. This proves the person authenticating is in possession of the phone the PIN was sent to, at the time the PIN was sent.

VerIDial provides websites with an added level of security to help prevent fraud and combat identity theft as well as protect against possible data loss.

Use VerIDial to help achieve compliance with the UK's Cyber Essentials, Information Assurance for Small to Medium-sized Enterprises, International ISO 27000 series or similar information security standards.

Verifing a users identity using VerIDial

  1. Existing logon page

    The user attempting to authenticate logs into your site successfully using their existing username and password. You then request additional verification using the VerIDial API.

  2. PIN showing on mobile

    VerIDial sends an SMS containing a PIN number, or rings the person and reads the PIN aloud.

  3. PIN entered on website

    The user enters the provided PIN number on your website for verification.

  4. Big tick indicating success

    Assuming the PIN is correct, the user is successfully authenticated and permitted to proceed.

Integrate with your website using our API or plugin

VerIDial's Two Factor Authentication can be easily integrated using one of the following:


An iframe is an HTML document embedded in a page on your website. This iframe will hold content from VerIDial and verify the PIN automatically. Based on the response VerIDial will either direct the user to a success page, or to an error page.


Your website or application communicates directly with VerIDial using our REST API. This gives you greater freedom to control how VerIDial interacts with your users. You are then free to implement how, when and what information you require. You may download the API documentation here (PDF).

VerIDial Features

Cogs indicating settings


PIN's can be sent out via SMS or Voice for true Two Factor Authentication.

PIN's can also be sent via Email for when a phone is not available and a lower level of security is acceptable.

The length of PIN can be customised for increased security.

API requests that provide the current status of a request can be used to provide detailed user feedback.

VerIDial provides a free iframe plugin including user feedback and PIN validation for use by customers on their sites.

Padlock indicating security


PIN's have a time limit before expiry and are valid for one use only.

All API calls are over TLS 1.1 or higher (Transport Layer Security), older protocols and insecure ciphers are disabled.

PIN's are created using a FIPS compliant random number generator.

Initial API calls (server to server) use Basic Authentication to both identify the installation and validate the caller.

API credentials are stored using FIPS compliant hashing algorithms with no access by employees.

Each API call that creates a new request returns a globally unique token. This can be used server or client side to obtain the status of a request or to validate a PIN attempt.

Magnifing glass indicating inspection

Compliance & Audit

Each request is securely stored for a fixed time period for reporting and billing.

All unnecessary information including the PIN is stripped from the record once the request has completed.

Potentially personal information retained for reporting such as number and email are obfuscated.

After legal and auditing requirements have been met, all records are securely destroyed.

VerIDial Pricing

Each package contains a set amount of "credits" per month that are used to make verification attempts.

No-contract packages

Package Name Cost Term in months Monthly Inclusive Credits Out of bundle credit price
FREE FREE Unlimited 200 N/A
Trial £250 * 2 2,500 N/A

* A one-off fixed fee that includes technical support.

Annual packages

Package Name Monthly Cost (12 /mth contract) Monthly Inclusive Credits Price per inc. credit Out of bundle credit price
Business £97 2,500 3.9p 4.0p
Professional £197 7,800 2.5p 3.5p
Professional Plus £397 20,000 2.0p 2.5p
Enterprise £997 56,000 1.8p 2.0p
Enterprise Plus £1,200 80,000 1.5p 1.7p

Verification methods (cost in credits)

Verification Method Cost in credits per attempt *
Voice 3
Email ** 1

* Each attempt requires one or more credits depending on the method used to verify the end user and the destination country. All costs shown are for UK destinations, please enquire for other countries.

** VerIDial do not recommend using email for true two factor authentication.

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